Saturday, April 9, 2016

Amerikan Holokaust

So what happens when you take the real life story of serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng and combine that with the Sleaze Box? Amerikan Holokaust of course.

Let me start off saying this is not normally a film I would review. Its a found footage film of a group of killers. I've seen a few other films in this vein and they really didn't do much for me. This one however was a bit different.

Amerikan Holokaust is the story of Michale Mashburn, and his buddy Antwan Mercer. There a couple of vets who like to talk about the usuall retoric nonsense, smoke crack, and tortue and kidnap women.

They Have a whole little room/dungeon all set up. They even went the extra mile and got a tri pod for their camera. I should thank them for that as most found footage films are that shakey handheld crap.

They have no end game but a simple plan. Kidnap a girl, sometimes an entire family, torture, degrade, rape, beat, ,and turn them into there own little private slaves. It usually ends with the girl being murdered.

Unlike the previous Sleaze Box film I reviewed, Skumbagz, this has no dark humor. Its not played for laughed in the least. Its twisted, vile, and sick. It has tons of nudity, gore, torture, and extreme violence. This is a hardcore film. And might I add it does not have a predictable ending.

Now in the beginning I stated I don't normally review a film like this. So what makes this different? The level of acting. This is without a shadow of a doubt the best acting I've seen in an independent exploaiation film. Every scene, every piece of dialogue is delivered with power, and presence. You actually believe everything your watching is real footage. It may be some of the best performances from 2 leads in a serial killer film since Henry Portrate of a Serial Killer.

So if you dig the extreme horror films then defiantly pick this up. You won't be disappointed.
3 out of 5 Stars

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