Wednesday, April 6, 2016


So anyone out there who is an exploitation fan has probably already heard of The Sleaze Box, a company out of Tampa that makes hard exploitation flicks. I've seen there adds, and shirts out there for a while, but had never sat down and watched one of the films. Well that changed the other day when I watched $kumbagz. Yea it's spelled that way. And I must say I think I just found my go to source for old school exploitation.

$kumbagz is the story of Stephanie a rather naive girl who is basically a slacker. Her dad belittles her for not amounting to anything, being in her 20s and still living at home. She can't keep a job either. In fact when we see her at work she gets fired by her pervert boss.

With no car, no cell phone, and no cash she's just sitting aimlessly against a wall when a kind passer by offers her a ride. he also asks if she wants to come to his house, clean up, and have a drink.
Well once there he drugs her, abuses her mentally and physically and makes her his own private prostitute. He ever makes a nice amount of cash off her.

Due to a set of circumstances that I won't spoil Stephanie ends up changing pumps and getting caught up in a drug dealing human trafficking gang war.

The film is an,exploitation masterpiece to say the least. Violence, gore, tons and tons of nudity, and some really nice throw back strobe light scenes that hearken back to the old 70s Drive In style. The acting is good, as well as the script. I also enjoyed the ending tremendously as it was one I dint see coming

I enjoyed the ending tremendously as it was not something I expected.
Another thing that The Sleaze Box was able to pull off was the humor. Usually any humor in these types of films are unintentional but not in $kumbagz. Its hard to mix violence, sex, and Gore with dark humor but this one has it blended together perfectly.

If your looking for a good old fashioned exploitation sleaze fest look no further than $kumbagz

Overall 4 out of 5 stars

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