Friday, July 22, 2016

The Candy Tangerine Man

Ever watch a movie where a pimp grabs a cue ball after losing a game and yell "white honkey mother fucking ball" you will when you watch Candy Tangerine Man.

This is the story of The Barron a really nice pimp. He's good to all his women he even let's the have weekends off. Why would a pimp do that you ask, because on the weekends he goes home to his wife and family in the suburbs. See his family doesn't know he's a pimp they think he's a traveling salesman.

He works his girls out of a massage parlor and drives around in a tangerine colored custom Rolls Royce complete with pop out machine guns.

He's harassed by crooked cops, gets into it with the local evil pimp, and even has to battle the mob. This is all done in violent fashion. Breasts cut off, mutilation, constant chase and gun battles, you name it.

Its also one of the best exploitation films of the 70s. Its biggest complaint was that the VHS as well as the DVD were horrible transfers. Well I am happy to say Vinegar Syndrome has taken care of that with a beautiful 2k transfer off the original 35mm print.

If that is not enough you also get a beautiful transfer of the film Lady Cocoa.

Lady Cocoa is a lesser know film that I haven't seen since I was a kid. Its about a young diva of a woman named Cocoa. She's stuck in prison for not cooperating in the trail of her racketeering boyfriend. She decides to finally testify against him on one condition, she gets a night out on the town.

She's protected by a young, and old cop but it doesn't take long for her boyfriends muscle to track her down. I know it seems like a generic plot but here's the sell point. One of the evil Henchmen is played by Mean Joe Greene.

Here's all that's included in this collection
1. Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm archival prints
2. Director's video introduction for The Candy Tangerine Man
3. Commentary track for Lady Cocoa with Director Matt Cimber and Director's Assistant / Actor John Goff
4. Reversible cover for Lady Cocoa
5. English SDH Subtitles
6. Closed Captioning

So if you want to watch a movie with the tagline of "Git back Jack give him no Jive, he's the Baddessst cat of 75" get this release

Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars

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