Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Ones Below

The fine folks over at Magnolia Home Entertainment have just put out a new British thriller from Director David Farr and starring David Morrissey, who for all my horror fans yes, was The Governor on TWD.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this film when my wife and I turned it on last night but I must say it didn’t take me long to become emotionally vested in it.

It’s the story of 2 couples who share a Flat.  They don’t live together keep in mind.  It a downstairs apt and an upstairs apartment.  The creepy couple live in the downstairs apartment hence the title The Ones Below.  Both couples are married and expecting their first child.  They strike up a friendship and our upstairs Dwellers, Kate and Justin invite our downstairs couple Jon and Theresa over for dinner one night.  You can tell the later are slightly off to say the least.

The following is not a spoiler so don’t be alarmed when I say due to a unexpected mishap Theresa slips down the stairs and loses her baby.  They of course blame Kate and Justin and after an argument tell them they are going back to Germany to grieve and will return when they can be happy for the birth of their child.

Months go by, Kate has her child, and one morning when going out for a stroll with the baby they notice Jon and Theresa have moved back downstairs.  The two couples reconcile and Theresa even offers to help babysit for Kate whenever she needs a break.

As this is a psychological thriller and not a family drama things take a turn for the worse right away.  Kate beings to suspect Jon and Theresa of sneaking into their home, doing things to the baby, and at one point even breaks into their house to look around. 

Of course all of this behavior make Kate seem crazy.  Is she crazy?  Are they Evil?  That I will not spoil.  But I will say this film had one of the best and most original thought of endings I have ever seen.

The cast was fantastic.  Everyone was perfect for their parts.  Like I said it did not take me long to become emotionally vested in their characters and their respective plights.  The directing was top notch and everything moved along at the perfect speed and built fantastically to the climax. 

If you enjoy a good suspense movie I highly recommend you pick this one up.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars.

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