Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Knight Rider: The Complete Series

Insomnia, people that have it always complain, and bitch, and moan.  I have it.  Sure I need extra coffee in the morning but it provides me with extra TV time.  After my wife and son are fast asleep I simply go downstairs, turn on the tv and watch movies or old tv shows.  Right now I am grateful for not only the insomnia but for Mill Creek for putting out my favorite show as a kid, Knight Rider.  Now the insomnia has really paid off as I can relive all of the Hoff’s great moments.

For those of you to young, or that lived in a cave during the 80s.  Knight Rider was the coolest show on tv.  It stared David Hasselhoff as Michael Long , a police officer who is shot in the face.  He is given plastic surgery and a new identity as Michael Knight.  The man who did this for him is Wilton Knight a billionaire who is starting his own law enforcement division.  He recruits Michael to lead this and gives him KITT, the Knight Industries Two Thousand.  It’s a computerized Pontiac Firebird.  Its bullet proof, has weapons, talks, has artificial intelligence, everything a nerd would want in a super car. 

I could not wait for Sunday Night when I was little.  No matter what I was doing I had to be home, changed into my pajamas in my room and ready to watch Knight Rider.  Even as a little kid I knew the Hoff was James Dean cool.

Every show something bad happens and Michael and KITT drive in and save the day and get the girl.  In season 2 we meet Goliath, which is an evil semi-truck made out of KITTS special metal shell.  The guy driving it is played by David Hasselhoff in a cool duel role.  He plays Garth Knight, William Knight’s evil estranged son.  I watched that one last night as well.  I always remembered being really worried when Goliath smashed up KITT, but its ok, because KITT got re modded and came back even cooler than before.

  I watched about 7 episodes total last night scanning a bit of each disc. And I must say Mill Creek did a great job with this blue ray set.  Its packed in a nice slip box and each season is individually packed in standard blu ray cases. Which alone makes it worthwhile as some TV sets lately have really skimped on the packaging aspect buy using the cheap plastic shells in a big box.  These are actual blu ray cases.  The picture quality is fantastic as is the sound.  If my son would not have been asleep my sound bar would have been blasting the amazing opening theme.  In fact when he woke up it did. 

Now I know there are lots of people out there who will argue that the show is lame by today’s standards but I disagree.  I found that after spending my night watching it that it hold up really well.  If you were a fan of the series from back in the day this is definitely a must own set,  I’ve watched random episodes in syndication when they pop up but the quality is bad.  I really can’t stress how amazing this one looks, even the flashing back and forth red visor when KITT talks just glows on the screen.  The car chases come to life with not only the picture but the sound as well.

Another thing is that this not only a show that holds up over time for you to still be able to enjoy, but it also is a good one to watch with your kids.  When I explained to my 7yr old about the computerized car his first question was “Does it talk”  when I replied yes, his next question was “Can I watch it?” to which I also replied yes. 

Mill Creek is known for putting out amazingly large tv series set and this is no exception.  It’s all 4 seasons, on 16 blu rays.  If you loved it growing up buy it, show it to your kids and let them experience the joy that you don’t really get in modern day television.  I’ve always said Baywatch would have been much better had Hasselhoff rode around in a talking dune buggy.  Sadly he did not, but he did in Knight Rider, except it wasn’t a dune buggy, but we covered that.  

Bottom line this is a must own.  And remember titles like this tend to go out of print so I would pick this up now and start reliving this great show from the 80s

Overall 4 out of 5 stars

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