Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Back in the 70’s Vampire films became pretty much a go to for directors.  Countless films were made dealing with the creatures of the night.  Both in normal horror films, to grindhouse style, to even a more adult tone so to speak.  The most notorious of the bunch was a film made in 1974 called simply Vampyres.  Vampyres was the story of 2 lesbian vampire lovers.  That’s it, nothing more nothing less.  It was a great little film for its time especially since there was really nothing out there to compare it to.  Well now we flash forward to 2016 and low and behold the film has been remade.  

Also titled Vampyers this new version ups the ante on everything, sex, gore, blood, nudity, you name it. 

It’s a very simple story.  2 gorgeous vampire girls live together in a little remote cabin and have sex with each other.  They feed by luring campers, and wandering travelers back to their cabin and killing them.  Sometimes, well more often than not they have sex with them as well before they kill them.  I guess if a vampire is going to get you that’s a good way to go.  There were times you almost had to think the guy was lucky.  Well more so for the beginning part, not the death that inevitably awaited him

One day an entire group of campers set up there shelter right by the vampire girls cabin.  Basically you should be able to get the rest.  Campers are enticed, hell more like attracted to go back to the cabin where they are sexually killed off one by one.

If you are into gore than I have to say this is a bloodbath.  In one scene the 2 ladies are taking a bath in blood courtesy of the body with the slit throat above them pouring out the liquid all over them.  Also, yes, they are naked.  The film, like most any type like this starts off slowly.  In fact the beginning is basically just a showcase of the 2 girls showing off there hotness so to speak. The final act picks up a lot of steam however and becomes a frantically paced gore show.

Yes if you’re wondering the lady’s look fantastic.  They really do, there acting is actually very good and they have good chemistry together.  The acting on the majority of the campers who show up is not very good.  In fact the lack of chemistry between them leave you with basically no sympathy for them.  I rooted for the 2 vampire girls during the entire film

The DVD looks great.  All the colors are crisp and the sound is excellent.  Artsploitation did a fantastic job on this transfer.    They have been putting out a slew of fantastic films and this one is no exception.  If you’re a fan of vampires, horror, gore, nudity, then this is right up your alley.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars!

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