Sunday, February 28, 2016


Plot Synopsis:  Ken has just moved from Kansas with his mother. He talks to a girl named Julie, not knowing that her boyfriend Tom is very possessive of her. 

I like this film, it;s like a hidden treasure that most people have never heard of, let alone have seen.  It has nothing going for it on originality or acting, but its good fun.
  Billy Blanks, who is the male version of Katherine Hegil when it comes to being a wooden actor stars as Billy, see he's not trying to stretch anything already.  He's cop who accidental kills a kid during a scuffle at a party he and his partner go to break up.  The kids brother vows revenge.  Kind of, he just yells for a few seconds.  Billy runs off, and turns in his badge.  Beat's doing all the paperwork I guess.
  Flash forward about 6 months and we meet Ken, a kid at a new high school.  Turns out Ken has just smiled at the head high school bully's girlfriend, played by a young Christine Taylor.  Can you guess where this is going?  Ken gets beat up, by Tom the Bully, who just happens to be a Karate master.   Luckily Billy, who is now the school janitor helps clean him up.  Ken gets beat up the next day, then the day after that.  Pretty violent beating actually, but the film is rated R.  Finally....wait for it.....Billy agrees to train Ken in martial arts to stop this bully.  I know, I know your already groaning, but here's the cool twist.  The evil sense training Tom, is the kid who swore revenge against Billy when his brother was killed.  Ok so not really a shock, but I forgot to mention, there not fighting in a tournament.  They fight in a underground arena where there are no rules!  I thought that was a cool twist.  
  Usually I would bitch about the fact some guy who trains for 3 months could not beat a guy who has probibly trained half his life.  But I finnaly figured if it's a janitor training you they must know how to speed up the process.  You know what would be cool, if the re-edited the training sceens and had Billy yelling "punch, punch, punch" in his Tae Bo outfit with the Tae Bo music in the background. Ok, back to the review!
  The film is cool, the acting is horrible, but I liked they fight in a underground arena.  Billy Blanks did the choreography, and the fight scenes are very well done.  The film was made before Tae Bo, but when Tae Bo hit big it was repacked as starring the Tae Bo Master.  It didn't help sales.  It doesn't even have a DVD relese here in North American, only in the UK. It plays on Cinemax once and a great while.
  I recommend checking out it.  It's mindless fun, and only like 80 minutes long, so you have nothing to lose.  Its a hell of a lot better then Tekken.  You know the film I said I would review today.  I cant review it, because I couldn't finish it.  I only got 20minutes in and turned it off.  It made my head hurt.  It's crap.  So I watched this instead.  You should too,

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars!

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