Friday, June 17, 2016

All American Bully

Bullying has become such a hot topic now it's insane. Kids can get suspended for calling someone stupid. You would think for all the zero tolerance policies that it would be a rare thing for a kid to get picked on, but sadly it's not.

All American Bully is the story about a group of friends who are not popular, but not total outcasts either. There gamers and kind of do there own thing not bothering anyone in the process.
Unfortunately there life takes a turn for the worse when resident bully John decided to beat the crap out of Devon, one of our not cool characters.

 Not only does Devon take a beating, he gets video taped taking said beating. Then the video goes viral at,school.  What makes it all the more sad is that these two used to be good friends.  But they drifted apart

Devon unfortunately has some shitty ass dad who actually gets mad he didn't man up and fight back. He has a crappy teacher to who tells him to use his brains to fight back, thus calling him a wimp and,encouraging revenge.

From here the film takes a pretty good left turn into exploitation as we delve into Devon and his friends plan for revenge. Let's just say nerds don't make good blackmailers. We have incest, a horribly graphic rape scene, and a pretty good twist ending.

Overall it's a really good film that's also very well acted. My only issue,is John, the bully's backstory. It almost, almost makes him to sympathetic a character.

I will say it's a film parents should watch,  but not with their children. This film is a hard R rated movie, but it's sadly a very realistic film about the consequences of bullying.

Overall 3 out of 5 stars.

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