Friday, June 17, 2016

Sex. Murder, Art

Sex, Murder, Art! Catchy title and a box set I have been salivating to see. These are all films by notorious director  Jorg Buttgereit. The films comprised in this massively loaded Blu Ray set, are some of, if not the most bootlegged and sought after horror films of all time, and rightfully so as they are all nasty little treasures to say the least.
Let's start off by listing what films you get. Nekromantik 1 and 2, Der Todesking (The Death King), and Schramm. Yes all of these in one set, and keep in mind this is the only proper release,of Der Todesking. Let,me quickly give you a rundown of these.

Nekromantik a film so gross my wife can't watch in fast forward. The title I'm sure gives it away but it's the story of a road clean up guy who finds a body and brings it home. From there he and,his girlfriend enjoy it together to say the least. As gross as it sounds, and is, it's actually more of a dark comedy. Really
Nekromantik 2 picks up where part one ends. I can't give you full detail as that would ruin the ending of part one, but I can tell you this one focuses on the girlfriend
Der Todesking (The Death King) is one in had never seen before. Its really odd to say the least it takes place over,the coarse of 7 days and tells the story of 7 different people who kill themselves, or others. Its interesting to say the least

Schramm is my favorite of the bunch. Its a film about a dying serial killer only it's all told from his perspective. Its got some fantastic Gore effects for the true Gore hounds out there.

This set is without a doubt the most loaded box set out there. I have no problem saying Scream Factory and Arrow should strive to put out sets that are this high quality. Here is all that included.

New Director's Approved HD Transfers
Two versions of Nekromantik
Exclusive Introductions for each film by Jorg Buttgreit
Q&A with Jorg Buttgereit
Audio Commentaries
The Making Ofs
FeaturettesStill Photo Galleries
Jorg Buttgereit Trailers
Documentary: Corpse F*****g Art
Short films: Hot Love, A Moment of Silence at the Grave of Ed Gein, Horror Heaven, Bloody Excess in the Leaders Bunker, My Father
Music Video: Half Girl by Jorg Buttgereit
Original Motion Picture Soundtracks
Live Concert of Nekromantik
 2BD Exclusive new art design by Silver Ferox
Exclusive CD Soundtrack of Nekromantik & Der Todesking
Exclusive CD 2 Soundtrack of Nekromantik 2 & SchrammBD
Exclusive 40-page perfect-bind booklet with Interviews & exclusive photos

This is a must own set, and I must stress not just a must own for horror and Gore fans. These films are well made to say the least. If you don't mind the subject matter definitely give it a look.  The sound and picture transfers are an absolute thing of beauty to say the least.  I have never seen older films up-scaled to a quality this high before.

Overall 5 out of 5 starts must purchase 

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