Friday, June 17, 2016

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla ever watch a movie you can't categorize? Like this one for instance, Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. Its not a horror movie, it's not funny, it's not suspense, it's not a drama, but one thing it is, is fantastic.

Its the story of a socially awkward man named Warren, who is played brilliantly by Glenn Maynard. Warren is an ice cream man with no real friends he has a cat, but he accidentally runs him over at the beginning of the film. He's so distraught that throughout the film he continues to leave food out for it.
Warren walks with a limp, doesn't talk much but is obsessed with a local actress named Katie George. She the star of soap opera he watches. He's convinced she is the kindest, most beautiful woman in the world. He cuts pictures of her out of magazines and tapes them up in his ice cream truck. Ohh yea he records the show and pauses it so he can masturbate to her as well.

One day he finds out they are filming in a nearby park and sets up his ice cream van in the area with the hopes of meeting her. Unfortunately for him it's got a tough crowd and he soon starts being harassed by a drug dealer/pimp who runs shop on the corner.

One day Katie does show up, and to the delight or Warren is as nice as can be. He even buys a video camera to keep a video diary of his hopes she will come back. Its through this we watch his complete mental breakdown as he can no longer differentiate reality from fantasy.

Glenn Maynard is absolutely amazing as Warren. In fact he may be the most sympathetic character I've ever seen in film. In the beginning when he runs over his cat and begins sobbing I actually felt horrible for him. Hopefully we see him in more films as his acting ability was second to none.

Like I said, I can't really classify the film but no matter what type of film you prefer your bound to enjoy this gem from beginning to end.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars 

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