Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Werewolf In The Amazon Collection

One of the most prolific directors out of Brazil has always been Ivan Cardoso. Know for not only making erotic horror films that feature over the top gore and practical effects but a unique blend of comedy as well.  Hes films all contain the most amazing, pulse pounding scores and beautiful lighting that we tend to never use here in the states. 

These films have been the subject of bootlegs over the years here in American with none of them really getting the proper treatment releasing wise. Well for the first time ever Camp Motion Pictures is releasing 4 of his films fully remastered in one fantastic DVD Collection entitled, A Werewolf in the Amazon Collection

You are going to get the following films, which I will get into later,

A Werewolf in the Amazon
The Scarlet Scorpion
The Seven Vampires
The Secret of the Mummy

As I stated these films have been sought after for quite some time and have appeared over the years at lots of horror conventions on bootleg dvds and vhs tapes.  If you are a fan you will want to own this remastered collection because of the stunning transfers, and if you have never seen these films, which I have often said are far superior to the Hammer Films people know and love they this is a great starting point.  Let’s break down these films

A Werewolf in the Amazon starring Spanish Icon Paul Naschy in the story of a group of friends who are on the hunt for a fun and strong hallucinogen.  They head on out to the Amazon to find the ultimate high but end up in a Dr Moreau style camp full of human animal creatures.  It’s a fun film.  Serious in tone but funny in delivery.  A great pulse pounding score and plenty of blood for the gore hounds out there.  As with most of these it does feature plenty of nudity and some sex scenes.  The makeup effects for the monsters is also surprisingly well done.  It’s a great start to the collection.

The Scarlet Scorpion is a really weird film that is fun and can only be described as middle class Brazilian Batman.  They say he’s a millionaire but I find that highly unlikely.  It’s about The masked crime fighter The Angel, who must do battle with his arch nemesis The Scarlett Scorpion who has just kidnapped the city’s most famous fashion designer.  It’s fun on a lot of levels.  In all honesty it reminds me a lot of an old El Santo Film.  Given that I love El Santo I would recommend this for the fun romp that it is.

The Seven Vampires, not to be confused with the Seven Golden Vampires is the story of 2 detectives investigating a series of vampire murders taking place in and around a very sex upscale nightclub.  Yes that does in fact mean nudity galore int his one.  And a great amount of blood.  OH and I forgot it also has a man eating plant.

The Secret of the Mummy is a standard mummy film, in that the hero of the story, Professor Expiodito Vitus is trying to collect 8 pieces of treasure that make a map to the mummy tomb.  Once there it unleashes a very awesome looking mummy to say the least.  Once again A nice amount of blood and gore add to the fantastic tone of the film.

If all of that is not enough you also get The Mark of Terrir which can only be described as a “Found Footage” documentary.  Throw in a poster and some linear notes and you have one hell of a DVD set on your hands.

As I have stated these films, although they sound corny and over the top are not for kids.  Don’t get me wrong they are corny and over the top but they all feature ample amounts of nudity, simulated sex, and very realistic gore shots.

But like I previously stated this is a must own collection.  These films look incredible and you get 4 of the most notorious films of Brazilian cinema remastered for the first time ever her in the states.  If you a fan of campy, weird, over the top, erotic horror then this is a must purchase set.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars.

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