Thursday, September 8, 2016

In-Lawfully Yours

Ok, ok , ok I know this is not the type of movie one comes here to get a review for.  In fact I’m shocked that I am typing this, I shocked I watched it.  But think of it this way, this is a nice wholesome family film so reading this will actually help cleanse you from the horror films you typically watch.  With that said this film is actually more confusing than you average bad horror film.

A good quick way to describe In-Lawfully Yours is, it’s the story of a horribly annoying girl named Jessie.  She’s so annoying her husband leaves her.  They don’t actually say that, but its what I assumed his underlying reasons were.  Anyway she goes to live with her ex-mother-in-law (Yes her now divorced husbands mom) and begins having feelings for her ex-sister-in-laws ex-husband all while learning about what faith in God can do for you in a small town.  Confusing?  Try writing all that out in a sentence.  Good movie?  It’s actually not that bad.

The main girl, Jessie is annoying, but when cast in a small Footloose town environment she can morph into someone quite charming.  She constantly interrupts the pastor during his sermon to ask questions.  I won’t lie I did laugh at that, plus Marilu Henner from Taxi fame is in this playing the part of the ex-mother-in-law.  She’s always good, and If I said I still don’t think she’s attractive I would be lying.

As with any family comedy you have to throw in some type of wacky villain.  Really, all of those films have them.  This is in the form of her ex-husband Chaz who wants to boot his mom out of her house so he can sell it for big money.  That and even though he left Jessie he still wants to ruin her new relationship.  Of course Jessie dating her ex-brother-in-law raises the ire of the town and he loses his job at the church.  Its then up to Jessie to turn to the lord and pray.

Is this corny, sure, but its aimed for a target audience.  I’ll be honest there is a lack of family friendly movies out there that are not cartoons.  This film tries to fit in that realm of not only Faith based but also something parents can watch with their children.  Its clean and wholesome, and there is nothing wrong with that.  The acting is good, the film does move along at a quick pace, and yes, it is something you can watch with your kids.  I would say fine for anyone over the age of 7. 

Believe it or not I have watched several “Faith Based” films over the years, and I will admit this is probably the best of the bunch.  If you’re looking for an old fashioned PG comedy this is a smart choice to pick up

Overall 2.5 out of 3 stars

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