Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Before I get into this film I have to say, ReelGore, the company who put this out is definitely THE company to watch.  This is yet another loaded amazing release.  They not only load up the films with features but they include lots of great little items for us collectors.  The only this is, you need to act fast.  All of their collector editions are very limited. This one has a run of only 3000 copies.  This also happens to be the version I am talking about so I will, as always list the special features at the end.

Mask’s is the Story of Stella.  She’s your typical I want to be an actress at all costs type, even though she is not really that good.  She gets accepted to a rather legendary private acting school, the “Matteusz Gdula Institute”.  Why is it legendary you ask?  Well because of bunch of people died there.  See the founder, Matteusz Gdula had a rather, shall we say, different teaching style in the 70s.  His style was designed to help students reach their ultimate mental acting ability.  A bunch of these kids died so they banned this.  He was not too happy about that so he killed himself.

Now as we flash forward to present, Stella begins hearing noises from a wing at the school that has been closed down.  That and a girl she knows turns up murdered.  What is this mysterious secret, well Stella is convinced that people are still practicing the methods taught that was driving people to death, but she doesn’t care.  If that’s what is happening she wants in at all costs.  The rest delves into a gore drenched mystery that sure to satisfy horror fans everywhere.

What I can tell you though is the film is almost like a German Tribute to Dario Argentos Susperia.  It uses lots of the same camera tricks and lighting to set up the moods and kills.  However I will go so far to rank this as better than Susperia.  This takes the Giallo film to another level, and turns in into a slaher, erotic thriller, splatter, mystery, with giallo overtones, that unlike the typical giallo moves at a faster pace.  The one complaint I have always had with Giallo films is there methodically slow pacing.  I find most of them to be incredibly boring to say the least.  That is not the case with Masks.  This satisfied the horror/gore fan in me and it will in you as well. 

Andreas Marschall, the director is being hailed as the new Dario Argento by some, which don’t get me wrong that is one hell of a complement, but its not really fair.  I think the Andreas, if he continues to make this style of film will far surpass Argento.  That is how much I liked this.

Remember how I said this is loaded.  It is.  Aside from the immaculate Blu ray transfer you get the following:

Blu-ray and DVD discs in a special limited edition slip cover that has deleted scenes, music videos, trailers, and a slide show
CD Soundtrack (Which is amazing)
24 page booklet
Baseball Card

With all of that said I would recommend picking this up.  But like I said you should do it fast. Some places are already sold out. For roughly 30.00 you are getting one heck of a film, with one heck of a lot of special extras.  

If your into any type of horror, gore, or suspense film you won’t be disappointed.

Overall 4 out of 5 Stars!!

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