Friday, May 20, 2016

Accidental Exorcist

I hate the Exorcist. Its boring in every sense of the word. I hate the Omen, it's horrible in every sense of the word. I tried to watch the Rite a while back. I hated it so much I went in the bathroom to read Bret Hit-Man Harts autobiography. On a side note, that was really good. Because of all this I was somewhat apprehensive about sitting down and watching The Accidental Exorcist, but as I needed a laugh and this is a bit of a dark comedy I figured why not. Besides if it stunk I would have non problem reading Bret Harts book again.

Accidental Exorcist is the story of Richard the city's top Exorcist. Unfortunately for him business is booming. There's a rash of demon possessions going on so people keep calling him to help. He does it in a cool way. He takes a pictures, talks to the possessed person then grabs them and hits there forehead a few times. Yea, he doesn't waste 25 minutes speaking Latin.

As busy as he is he obviously doesn't charge much, as he loves in a crap hole and is behind on his rent. He also eats spam for dinner every night.

One other thing, he really seems unhappy in his job. Could be from the fact he's so busy, and also that when he performs an exorcism his stigmata opens and he bleeds from his hands and feet.

This film is pretty damn entertaining. I found myself laughing a few times over watching it. The acting and writing was well done and it moved at a very quick pace. Fans of the possession and haunting type films should find this enjoyable and should add it to there collection.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars.

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