Sunday, May 1, 2016

House of Afflictions

House of Allfictions is a ghost story, nothing more nothing less. Its an old school ghost story, that relies on mystery and suspense to move the story, not jump scares, or a few gory killings. Think the original Amiyiville Horror. Were you a fan of that film? Do you like that type of film? If you answered yes, than House of Afflictions is a movie you need to see, as there is definitely a lack of old style ghost films.

House of Afflictions centers around a woman named Katie who is a well received crime author. She hasn't written anything in a few years however as her daughter suddenly went missing. No clues, no body, no nothinh, just poof and gone. Her and her husband are closely starting to come to grips on the situation so she decides to start writing a new novel. 

She decides to rent a small house to work in as she's too distracted trying to work at at her own home. Unfortunately for her the new house is kind of scarey. In fact you would think it's haunted. Is it her missing daughter, a ghost, a killer, who knows. Well you will know at the end. 

Like I said in the beginning, it's more psychological than jump scare so it does move at a slower pace. It is well acted and has that nice twist ending that's closes everything out. The score is pretty good as are the visuals.

If your into old school inspired ghost story's you should give this a look

Overall 2.5 out of 5 Stars

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