Monday, May 2, 2016

Paranormal Halloween

Ahh the parody film. A surprisingly hard thing to pull off currently. I mean come on most of them stink. And that is generally because they all try to lump way to many types of films into one. Now don't get me wrong, you can throw in many films but they have to all be the same type. In the case of Paranormal Halloween that type is horror.

Paranormal Halloween is the story of 2 losers, Caesar and Otto, who live in a car with there dad. Caesar is currently the only one making any money as he dressed like a woman to earn cash as a baby sitter. One day when sitting there's breaking news that a crazy killer has escaped and he's heading to the house that Caesar is in.

Why the killer arrives he and his brother run out and after a little bit of hilarity there dad runs the maniac over with his car. So when law enforcement and the mayor arrive they are the killer and assume that these 2 dimwits are heroes. And as there down on there luck that are even given jobs as house sitters at the mayor's summer home.

Once there that soon realize the place is not what it seems. We then delve into a parody of Amitiville, The Shinning, Poltergeist, and may more. What keeps it moving is it's all from the same haunted house type of film. Add in the fact that the 2 leads actually work well and play off one another, and you have a heck of a fun film here.

When doing a bit of research on it, it seems its part of a series. Looks like these 2 have done several horror themed films, so you can bet I will be tracking those down as this gave me a really good laugh.
So if your a fan of horror, and of comedies you should definitely check this one out.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars

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