Monday, March 7, 2016


In the mood for a simple, effective, gory, straight to the point horror film?  If so Bunni is for you.  Directed by Daniel Benedict Bunny tells the tale of 2 couples on Halloween who, while looking for a good time break into an abandoned sex shop.  Ok that alone should be enough to get you to watch this.  I mean who breaks into an abandoned sex shop? I also admire our main characters Halloween costume of a TNMT shirt.

Anyway once there our two couples encounter probably the hottest killer I have ever seen, Bunni.  They call her that, while actually they don’t, that just the tile, because she wears this little lingerie number with a Bunni mask.  Why does she do this?  Who cares?
We know a little about her from a quick before and during the credits opening where she tells her husband she knows hes cheating on him.  He then snaps and beats the crap out of her.  That’s basically the back story.

Once she finds the kids we have non stop blood and gore for a good 20min.  Nipple cutting, stabbing, hammer beatings, you name it.  The camera work is a bit shaky for my taste towards the end, but due to the heavy amount of gore it can be overlooked.

The acting is not bad at all for a small Indy film, and the special effect are top notch.  Bunni is a hard film. Plenty of blood and torture and nudity.  Plus a very short run time of just a tad over an hour, which is perfect for these types of films.  Straight and to the point, with a bit of a twist thrown in for fun.

Bunni won best picture at the Imaginarium Film Festival and is well worth picking up.  Wild Eye releasing has done another great job on the presentation.  The DVD comes with commentary, interviews, music videos, and radio spots. 
So if you looking for a nice violent to the point slasher I highly recommend picking this one up

Overall 3 out of 5 stars

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