Monday, March 21, 2016

Serial Kaller

Babealiciouos, that's a great name. Something you would hear from a cheesy 80s teen show, or a 70s porn. Babealiciouos is also the setting for the new slasher film Serial Kaller. Yes, Kaller, you get it Killer plus Caller equals Kaller.

Any way this one centers around the girls of the Babealiciouos channel, which is basically a fancy name for a TV Phone Sex Channel. The studio is where the hot girls of Babealiciouos work and where we have on this night a killer on the loose.

It has a cool opening of a girl walking down the old greenish dimly lit hall by herself, and well, you know the rest. Then it actually cuts to the past where we meet a kid who's mom is a plastic surgery junkie who has just died from her last procedure.

Once those scenes are wrapped up we go back to the present where the girls are secured in the building and everything is locked down. Locked down with a killer among them that is. A Serial Killer, I mean a Serial Kaller, because it's a call in, yea I know.

Anyway what folows is your typical stalking and slashing that horror fans have grown to love. Some pretty good FX shots, and a couple cgi kills thrown in to bloody it up. Add in a few nude shots to complete and you have a pretty decent little Indy film here.

It's nothing new or adventurous by any means but Serial Kaller has a good cast and a pretty clever setting for a slasher. That said I would recommend picking it up.

3 out of 5 stars

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