Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Disco Exorcist

Wow Disco Exorcist what a title.  What a concept. Disco Duck’s girlfriend get a curse put on her by his ex, she turns into a demon and he has to exorcise her.  Seriously, that’s the plot.  I left nothing out.  Sound like your type of film?  Let’s go into it a bit further.

This film, is obviously set in the 70’s and I have to give it credit, the costumes, music and horrible 70’s dialogue are all spot on accurate.  There is a slow basement made type porn music that plays throughout the back giving it a grind-house type feel.  To add to that feel the screen is gimmicked up with the trademark cigarette burns and scratch marks that grind house style directors like to use.  This one, and I assume its due to budget restraints, which works in the favor, is probably the most 
authentic I have seen in a modern film.

Also I can’t stress enough how the tone and effects work so well due to the smaller budget.  The thing about this is its almost a real grind house film.  I say real simply because we are in the 2000’s  It has the perfect look and feel that ones from the 70’s that others try to emulate.

The film is loaded, and I mean loaded with nudity.  I can’t stress how loaded with nudity this is.  The opening 10min have more in it than I have seen in years.  There are orgy's, drug party’s, and yes Possession.  When our “Hero” gets down at the club with his new girl, his ex-grabs her hair and puts the mojo on her.
What follows is a nice amount of blood and gore, all delivered with a nice cheesy style.  It culminates with the exorcism which is also a very over the top 70s style scene.

Is this film for everyone?  Certainly not.  It’s a grind house style movie.  If you like movies with cheesy dialog, gore, and blood, and yes, all that nudity then check it out.  If you dig 70’s movies, particularly the ones this pays homage to check it out. 

Overall 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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