Thursday, March 17, 2016


Hole, not to be confused with Holes because it has less Holes an it's better.

Its the story of Ed Kunkle a weirdo who is weird because his mom abused him. Like in a really messed up way. She would make him watch her and her husband have sex. Oh yea she beat him to. She also had blond hair. I mention this because now that he's grown up he kills blond women. Yea most abused kids in movies grow up bad. Ed has a shed he keeps the bodies, or body parts in some cases in.

He comes in contact with a blond woman who lost her kid, and a detective who keeps dreaming about Ed killing him.

That's the plot, I can't get into it more as it has a weird ending to say the least.

The acting is quite good, as is the overal feel of the film. It has a bit of an art house style about it.
Good acting, blood, and Gore make this a safe purchase.

3 out of 5 stars

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