Friday, March 11, 2016

The Horror Network

You know what I love, horror films.  Know what else I love, anthologies.  Know what I like combined almost as peanut butter and chocolate horror and anthologies.  So it was a no brainer I was going to dig The Horror Network.

The horror network is a grand scope as far as anthologies go as it is telling us 5 very different stories, from 4 different directors.  Each one is very different from the other.  Now I don/t mind that.  Some of the antholigies out there use multiple directors but the film everything the same.  This truly feels like your watching 5 very different films.  S without any spoilers, here is what you get.

3:00AM:  Paranormal haunted house style film.  Lady in the house alone has weird things happening tv turns on and off by itself, you get the picture.

Edward:  My favorite of the 5.  Very simple, guy talking to his shrink, telling him hes off his med and having BAD thoughts.

The Quiet: Probably the creepiest of the bunch.  Little deaf girl walking home keeps seeing the same van driving past her over and over.  Coincidence, or sicko?  Very slick in the film aspect as well.  Freaked my wife out a bit

Merry Little Christmas:  Nasty little one about a guy who is visiting his cousin and aunt.  Turns out, via flashback they are one nasty messed up family.

The Deviant One:  Using bible passages we watch a guy kills his neighbor and then have sex with her body.  Sure there is a bit more to it than that but I said no spoilers, and that's basically the plot in a nutshell.

Overall a great time to be had.  All of these are pretty creepy little films void of any humor.  Wild Eye Releasing has put this one out and you can buy it now, really you can.  Stop reading and go buy it.

Overall 3 out of 5 Stars

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